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Intrigue of the Past Workshops

Intrigue of the Past workshops bring archaeology to life and ensure optimal use of the activity guide.  Participants discover the science of archaeology and its applications in their classrooms by doing Intrigue lessons designed to teach basic concepts and principles.  Each workshop is led by a facilitator team made up of a teacher/educator and a professional archaeologist.  Participants engage in discussions and activities regarding the ethics of archaeological site protection and Native American perspectives on archaeological site preservation.  Workshops are routinely evaluated for content and instructional quality.

Kentucky Project Archaeology currently offers one Intrigue of the Past workshop annually.  All Intrigue lessons are aligned to KERA learning goals and academic expectations

The Intrigue of the Past activity guide contains 28 classroom-tested lessons that use history and archaeology to teach science, math, history, social studies, art, language arts, and higher-level thinking skills, such as problem solving, synthesis, and evaluation.  Lessons address multiple learning and teaching styles and include many hands-on activities.  All lessons are either self-contained, or require only readily available materials.  Students confront archaeological preservation and stewardship problems and propose solutions through discussion, debate, and problem solving. Each state's content materials provide information about local archaeology and history. 

The activity guide is divided into three sections.  The first, Fundamental Concepts, covers the basic concepts needed to understand archaeological inquiry and interpretation: observation, inference, context, chronology, classification, culture, and scientific inquiry.  The second, The Process of Archaeology, simulates the profession of archaeology including data gathering and analysis.  The final section, Issues in Archaeology, presents students with issues surrounding archaeological resource protection and provides opportunities for forming opinions about site stewardship and active citizenship.

State content materials are designed to supplement the Intrigue activity guide.  They include information about local prehistory and history, corresponding lessons or suggestions for classroom activities, and a guide to local resources/resource people.

Teachers and facilitators at Kentucky's first Project Archaeology workshop at Wickliffe Mounds Research Center in 2000.
Wickliffe Mounds Project Archaeology Intrique of the Past Workshop "class" photo, 2000. Photo Credit: Carla Hildebrand


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