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Would you like to be an ANT?

(No, not the crawly kind: An Archaeology Network Teacher!)

Are you interested in archaeology? Have you always wanted to teach your students about it or use its applications in your classroom, but felt you couldn't because you didn't have the resources?

If you answered yes, the Kentucky Archaeological Survey (KAS) wants to help! The KAS mission is to provide a service to other state agencies, work with private landowners to protect archaeological sites, and educate the public about Kentucky's rich archaeological heritage.  The KAS administers the Kentucky Archaeology Education Network, which was set up in 1993 to link interested teachers with the resources and resource people they need to teach about archaeology, Kentucky prehistory, Kentucky history and the lifeways of past Kentuckians.

If you'd like to be an ANT, fill out and return the Archaeology Network Teacher application form [PDF - 5KB], or for more information contact A. Gwynn Henderson, ANT coordinator, at 859-257-1919.


Last Updated 3/24/2008