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What Happens at a Kentucky Project Archaeology Intrigue of the Past Workshop?

A Kentucky Project Archaeology Intrigue of the Past workshop lasts two or two-and-a half days. The longer workshops include the option to excavate at a site under the supervision of professional archaeologists for half a day.

Each workshop has either a prehistoric or historic content focus. Workshop content is also localized, playing to the strengths and unique characteristics of each workshop venue and to the surrounding local or regional archaeological resources. By localizing our workshops, we hope that teachers will incorporate into their lesson plans future trips to these places.

A team of two facilitators, an archaeologist and an educator, leads our workshops. They model the hands-on lessons in Intrigue, by first covering the basic concepts needed to understand archaeological inquiry and interpretation. Then, depending on the workshop theme, they cover lessons targeting archaeological process, such as gridding a site, data gathering, and analysis.  During each workshop, they also review Kentucky content related to the workshop's focus; discuss issues in archaeology, such as stewardship and ethics, and the laws surrounding archaeological resource protection; and take attendees on a fieldtrip to a local site.  All Intrigue lessons are aligned to  the Kentucky Core Content/Program of Studies.

Attendees receive a copy of Intrigue of the Past, as well as well as a diverse assortment of other handouts and Kentucky content resources, such as posters, booklets, books, curricula, articles, and lesson plans.  Attendees also automatically become ANTs (Archaeology Education Network Teachers), members of the Kentucky Archaeology Education Network, an e-network developed in 1993 to link interested teachers with the resources and resource people they need to teach about archaeology, Kentucky prehistory, Kentucky history, and the lifeways of past Kentuckians.  The Network also periodically informs ANTs of any news, developments, or events in Kentucky archaeology.

PD credit is available to workshop participants.  In recent years, we have been fortunate that Riverside, The Farnsley-Moremen Landing, has defrayed the costs of workshop registration. 


Project Archaeology Teacher Workshop
Teachers participating in Project Archaeology Workshop



Project Archaeology Activity
Teachers taking part in Project Achaeology Artifact Lesson.  Photo Courtsey: Amy Wallot


Last Updated 9/1/2010