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Drive-In Restaurants

Dairy Dart in London (Laurel County), U.S. 25. No other restaurant type has a closer affiliation with the car than the drive-in restaurant.  The drive-in allowed Americans to dine in the comfort of their auto.  Simple buildings of a rectangular or circular form were able to accommodate cars on all sides of the structure.  The interior was dedicated to the kitchen which prepared quick foods that were fried or grilled.  The drive-in was essentially a curb-service establishment.  Each of the parking spaces had a menu board and speaker for the diner to order food.  The meal was delivered to the car by a drive-in employee who was known as a carhop.  After World War II, drive-ins added canopies to shelter the vehicles and organized them around the structure.  This design can be seen in Historic photo of the Parkette, Lexington. the photograph of the Dairy Dart in London (Laurel County) on U.S. 25.  The Parkette in Lexington (Fayette County) on New Circle Road incorporates the eye-catching pylon that was characteristic of drive-ins. 


Last Updated 3/17/2008