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The Mother Goose building, Hazard. Buildings that are meant to mimic things, such as objects or animals, are called “Ducks,” and these are among the most popular roadside attractions.   The term “duck” came about in reference to one building, The Big Duck in Riverhead, Long Island, but the term now refers to all buildings which are disguised as other sorts of objects.  Famous examples include Lucy, the Margate Elephant in Atlantic City, and the Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood. 

In many cases, the object mimed by the building refers to the business it contains: well-known examples include milk bottles, ice cream cones, hot dogs, and teapots.  Other examples make punning references to their business: a dog for a hot dog stand.  Many examples, however, simply borrow images from the popular culture to attract the attention of the automobile driver, such as the now lost Windmill Village motel in Glasgow, a cottage court consisting of a set of individual windmills for motel rooms.


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