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Shed Stations

Spur gas station, Cynthiana, constructed in 1925.This Spur Gasoline Station was constructed circa 1925 in Cynthiana (Harrison County).  The building is a good example of an early gasoline station building.  Most early gas stations were small, prefabricated metal structures that could be easily assembled and moved.  These tiny structures, known as sheds, housed an attendant and very few automobile-oriented accessories. Most automobile accessories, though, had to be stored on the exterior of the structure because of its small size.   Site plan for a corner lot filling station from Don Graf's Data Sheets (1944), a standard reference work for architects and engineers. Use of domestic stylistic elements was common on early twentieth century gas stations.  The buildings were consciously designed to appeal to the motoring customer and to complement the neighboring domestic architecture in urban areas.  This Spur Oil Station adopted the look of a classical Greek Temple, with its use of metal columns, a classical cornice, and a pyramidal roof covered in terra cotta tiles.  Elements common to domestic architecture (houses) decorated the building as well.  The station has flower boxes and a non-functioning central chimney.  As was typical of gasoline stations of this period, the building was placed on a corner lot near the center of the property.


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