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Walk-Up Restaurants

Berryman’s on U.S. 60, Mount Sterling (Montgomery County). Walk-up food stands, like Berryman’s in Mt. Sterling (Montgomery County) on U.S. 60, were the precursors to today’s modern fast food restaurant.  This type of restaurant focused on serving a quick and simple menu such as hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream.  Unlike drive-ins which relied on carhops to bring food to the car, the walk-up stand allowed the customer to serve themselves.  Sometimes, there were picnic tables for dining, or the patron could eat in their vehicle.  The stands might have small seating areas on the interior like the one pictured at the Spare Time Grill on U.S. 27 in Campbell Spare Time Grill on U.S. 27 in Campbell County.  County, but diners were not expected to linger.  The structures were often built with cheap, pre-fabricated materials, in order to cut costs.  Food stands often gained the motorists’ attention through the use of bright colors, neon lighting and exaggerated features like the roof.


Last Updated 3/17/2008