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How Do I List My Property in the National Register?

As the state historic preservation office, it is the Heritage Council's role to provide the guidance needed to successfully nominate a historic property to the National Register. 

To begin, first contact the Heritage Council National Register Coordinator to discuss your options about either hiring a consultant or completing the nomination yourself.  The National Register coordinator can also provide information about whether the property has been surveyed and listed in the Kentucky Historic Resources Inventory

If no information is found in the Heritage Council's survey files, the individual preparing the nomination will be asked to document the property by completing a Individual Historic Resource Survey Form, which ensures that the site is first included in the statewide survey of historic places.  If a Kentucky survey form has already been completed and logged into the database, a copy will be sent to the preparer along with a blank National Register form and examples of successful National Register nominations similar to the one being proposed for listing, to help guide you as you structure your argument for National Register eligibility.  More information and nomination forms are also available at the National Park Service National Register [External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain. ] Web site.

Prepared drafts are reviewed by the KHC National Register coordinator, whose role is to review the nomination for content and ensure that it meets National Park Service standards.  Once revisions by the preparer and National Register coordinator are complete, the nomination is scheduled for a  hearing before the Kentucky Historic Preservation Review Board, where the preparer will present a short audiovisual presentation summarizing the significance of the nominated property and arguing the case for National Register listing.

If the nomination being proposed is for a National Register district that includes more than one property owner, all property owners will be contacted by the Heritage Council prior to the Review Board meeting and asked to either support or object to the placement of their property on the National Register.  The KHC is required to send owners this notification at least 30 days prior to the Review Board meeting.  If the owner(s) object, the property will not be listed.

During the review board meeting, following presentation of a National Register nomination, the board will vote to either approve the nomination for National Park Service consideration or request edits by the author.  Park Service National Register staff in Washington have 45 days upon receipt of the nomination to either list the property or return it to the state for revisions.  Once the property is listed, the Heritage Council is notified by the Park Service, then Heritage Council staff notify owners and local officials.

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Last Updated 3/25/2008