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Kentucky Military Heritage Commission to meet Friday in Frankfort

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, October 31, 2007  
Contact Information:  Diane Comer
(502) 564-7005 Ext. 120

Kentucky Heritage Council
News Release

Kentucky Military Heritage Commission
to meet Friday, November 2 in Frankfort

FRANKFORT, Ky. – The Kentucky Military Heritage Commission will meet at 1 p.m. (EDT) Friday, November 2 in room 202 of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Building at the Boone National Guard Center, 100 Minuteman Parkway, Frankfort.  The meeting is open to the public.

The commission is charged with maintaining a registry of Kentucky military heritage sites and objects as a means of protection.  During Friday’s meeting, the committee will hear a report about the World War II-era LST (Landing Ship Tank) Building at Ft. Knox and also an update on plans to establish a Web presence for the registry. 

The LST Building was built in just two months in spring 1942 as a full-scale mock-up of the tank deck of a new ship that would carry tanks.  The invasion of France in June 1944 would not have been possible without the use of this building, which duplicated every aspect of this new type of ship – with each and every beam, rivet, vent and hatch constructed in wood.  The LST Building represents the first and only time that the U.S. Navy constructed such a large, full-scale mockup to investigate crucial ship design.

The Kentucky Military Heritage Commission accepts requests from the public for designation of military heritage sites and objects – including buildings, monuments and community resources – that represent all eras of Kentucky’s military history.  Once accepted to the registry, these sites and objects by law cannot be destroyed, removed or significantly altered, other than for repair or renovation, without the written consent of the commission.  Failure to do so is a Class A misdemeanor for the first offense and a Class D felony for each subsequent offense.

The commission is an independent agency attached to the Kentucky Heritage Council / State Historic Preservation Office for administration and support.  The commission consists of the Adjutant General, the State Historic Preservation Officer, the Director of the Kentucky Historical Society, the Executive Director of the Commission on Military Affairs and the Commissioner of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. 

Applications to nominate an object or site to the registry may be obtained by calling Peggy Guier at the Kentucky Heritage Council, 502-564-7005, ext. 129, or by email at

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An agency of the Kentucky Commerce Cabinet, the Kentucky Heritage Council / State Historic Preservation Office is responsible for the identification, protection and preservation of historic and cultural resources throughout the Commonwealth, in partnership with other state and federal agencies, local communities and interested citizens.  This mission is integral to making communities more livable and has a far-ranging impact on issues as diverse as economic development, jobs creation, affordable housing, tourism, community revitalization, environmental conservation and quality of life.


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