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Planning to Preserve:

The Kentucky State Historic Preservation Plan

As the primary state agency responsible for overseeing historic preservation activities throughout the Commonwealth, the Kentucky Heritage Council is required to develop and update a comprehensive statewide historic preservation plan every five years.  The Kentucky State Historic Preservation Plan describes a vision for historic preservation, addresses critical issues affecting our historic and cultural resources, and outlines future preservation actions. 

The final draft of The 2010-2014 Kentucky State Historic Preservation Plan is now available!  To view and download a copy of the plan, see the link in the Related Content box to the right.  Hard copies of the plan can be obtained by contacting the Kentucky Heritage Council at (502) 564-7005, ext. 126, e-mailing, or sending a written request to KHC, 300 Washington Street, Frankfort, KY 40601.  Copy and shipping fees will apply.   

The state plan provides direction and guidance for general level decision making and communicates preservation policy, goals, and values.

Ensuring that Kentucky's unique historic places survive and remain in use requires the commitment of many Kentuckians.  Success depends on the work of local preservation commissions, elected officials, preservation professionals, government agencies, educators, and preservation organizations and individual advocates who, together, will be responsible for carrying out the historic preservation agenda outlined in the state plan.  By successfully combining policy, planning, and stewardship, we can preserve our past for future generations.

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Vicki Birenberg
CLG, Planning & Research Coordinator
(502) 564-7005, ext. 126


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