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Submission Information

KHC staff are accepting paper submissions for Volume 11 of Current Archaeological Research in Kentucky as well as a thematic manuscript broadly focused on Western Kentucky archaeology. First drafts due May 1, 2021. 

If you are interested in submitting a KHC Archaeology Conference paper or other pertinent research as an article for Current Archaeological Research in Kentucky or thematic manuscript, please email Vanessa Hanvey at for more information!  

Submission Guidelines 

Previous publications may be viewed HERE and more information about article guidelines may be viewed below. 

Instructions to Authors 

Articles may be submitted via email to the current editor(s) of Current Archaeological Research in Kentucky and/or the Manager of the Site Protection Section. 

Editor: Vanessa Hanvey (
Site Protection Section Manager: Nicolas Laracuente (

Submissions should include a digital copy of the paper with figures and tables. Authors may expect comments and suggested revisions by a panel of readers. Please note, this is not a peer-review process. The editor(s) reserve the right to reject a submission with or without review.  

All submissions should adhere to the parameters for articles/reports detailed in the Society for American Archaeology Style Guide unless otherwise stated. Photographs of human remains, images or maps that identify site locations, and geographically identifiable site names should not be included in submissions.   

Submission Preparation 

All submissions should be (.doc or .docx) files with the following formatting: Times New Roman font, 12-point font, numbered pages, embedded figures and tables with captions, and up to three levels of headings. There are no word count, figure, or table limits, though the editor(s) reserve the right to request changes to these elements during the review process. 

All submissions should include the following components: Title, Author Names and Affiliations, Keywords, Abstract, Main Text, Captioned Figures and Tables, Acknowledgements, and References. Please refer to the Society for American Archaeology Style Guide for detailed information concerning these components.