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​​​​​Public input sought for KY State Historic Preservation Plan

The Kentucky Heritage Council is seeking broad public input for a new five-year state historic preservation plan that will outline goals, objectives and strategies for helping preserve historic buildings and other sites across the commonwealth.

Questions are gathering feedback on what individuals believe to be the most important historic resources in their community,  most effective tools and main challenges to preserving these places, and most urgent preservation goals for Kentucky, among others.

Click the link to take the survey, which takes 5 minutes, or scan the following QR code:

Common issues in many communities include demolition by neglect, how to protect buildings and historic sites threatened by natural disaster, and the need to work collaboratively to develop practical solutions for the preservation and reuse of old buildings. When completed, the plan is intended to serve as a tool for use by individuals, nonprofits and local governments interested in applying these strategies to local issues.

The survey will be open through May 1, after which the data will be analyzed and incorporated into the 2023-2028 Kentucky State Historic Preservation Plan, which must be submitted to and reviewed by the National Park Service next fall.

Stakeholders invited to complete the survey include individuals interested in preserving historic sites, historic property owners, elected state and local officials, real estate professionals, and representatives of federal and state agencies, historic sites and museums, American Indian tribes with ties to Kentucky, emergency management agencies, the business community, universities and school systems, or sites that may have not been the focus of historic preservation efforts in the past.

​“What's at stake is our sense of home and identity as Kentuckians," said Dr. Orloff Miller Certified Local Government Program and Planning Coordinator. “Change is inevitable, and with change comes loss. Let's decide now what we do not want to lose, what preservation tools you as citizens need at hand, and what you want to see preserved. Through this process we want to help our constituents support preservation more effectively and make sure our agency goals are aligned."

​​For more information:

Orloff Miller
Certified Local Government Program and Planning Coordinator
(502) 892-3606​

Professionals Survey

Clic​k this link to access the professionals survey or scan the following QR code:


KHC has also developed a separate survey specifically seeking input from professionals in planning, civil administration, cultural resource management, architectural history, archaeology, history and allied fields.

From you, we want to develop an overview of historic preservation efforts in Kentucky over the past five years. Of course, you are welcome to take both surveys!

As with the general survey, the professional survey will remain open through May 1 and data will be analyzed and incorporated into the updated state plan.