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Design Assistance for Kentucky Main Street Communities

Kentucky Heritage Council architects now offer design assistance to accredited Kentucky Main Street Program communities. This new service enables Main Street directors to offer initial assessment and conceptual design advice to property owners in their local historic districts.

To help guide individuals through this process, the  Kentucky Main Street Design Assistance Request Form has been developed that should be completed for the building owner by the Main Street program director or representative. For questions or design assistance, please contact Erick Rawlings, AIA, Main Street and Staff Architect, at (502) 892-3612, or Mike Radeke, Restoration Project Manager, at (502) 892-3613.

Right, proposed design guidance for a building at 234 St. Clair Street, Frankfort; below, line drawing detailing proposed design changes

PLEASE NOTE: Any recommendations, reports, and drawings made are conceptual and are not intended for construction purposes but can serve as a basis for discussion with contractors or with a registered architect if professional services are required for the project. Evaluation of deficiencies in structural capabilities, compliance with building codes, or identification of the presence of hazardous materials are all beyond the scope of service provided by the Main Street design team. The time frame for delivery of recommendations, written or illustrated, will vary depending on the current workload of the Main Street design team, the complexity of the request and any unforeseen difficulties with the project.