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KHC Staff

Staff Expertise

Kentucky Heritage Council staff have advanced degrees, training and expertise in a wide variety of professional fields, including historic preservation, archaeology, Kentucky history and prehistory, architecture and design, architectural history, construction, tax credits, Americans With Disabilities Act, "green" and sustainable building practices, grant administration, planning, preservation law, downtown revitalization, heritage education, heritage tourism, historic resource inventory and documentation, photography, public relations and marketing.

SHPO Office

Executive Director and State Historic Preservation Officer
Craig Potts
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4557

Administrative Specialist
Yvonne Sherrick
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4555

Public Information Officer
Diane Comer
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4477

Fiscal Officer
Brittany May
(502) 564-7005, ext. 4469

Kentucky Main Street Program

Program Administrator
Kitty Watson Dougoud
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4449

Site Indentification Program

Program Administrator and Military Heritage Sites

Certified Local Government Program and Planning Coordinator
Vicki Birenberg
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4571

African American Heritage Coordinator and Native American Heritage Coordinator
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4467

National Register Program Coordinator

(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4564

Survey Coordinator
Amanda Kincaid 
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4569

Site Protection Program and Archaeology

Program Administrator
Nick Laracuente
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4566

Archaeology Review Coordinator
Christopher M. Gunn, Ph.D.
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4450

Transportation Archaeology Review Coordinator
Bill Huser
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4563

Transportation Archaeology Review Coordinator
Nicole Konkol
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4561

Transportation Historic Architecture Review Coordinator
Christina Sabol
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4562

Environmental Review Coordinator
Jennifer Ryall
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4565

Site Development Program

Program Administrator
Kitty Watson Dougoud
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4449

Restoration Project Manager
(502) 564-7005, Ext. 4559

Staff Architect

Kentucky Heritage Council
The Barstow House
410 High Street
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-7005