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Kentucky Archaeological Survey

Brought to you by the Kentucky Heritage Council
and the University of Kentucky Department of Anthropology

The mission of the Kentucky Archaeological Survey (KAS) is to provide a service to other state agencies, work with private landowners to protect archaeological sites and educate the public about Kentucky's rich archaeological heritage. The KAS is jointly administered by the Kentucky Heritage Council/State Historic Preservation Office and the University of Kentucky Department of Anthropology.

Contact Information  

Kentucky Archaeological Survey

1020-A Export Street

Lexington, Kentucky  40506-9854

(859) 257-1944

List of Staff

David Pollack, Director

Kim McBride, Co-Director

Nick Laracuente, KY Heritage Council Liaison

Gwynn Henderson, Educational Coordinator

Jay Stottman, Staff Archaeologist

Eric Schlarb, Staff Archaeologist

Philip Mink, GIS Coordinator

Janie-Rice Brother, Staff Architectural Historian

Useful Links  

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University of Kentucky Department of Anthropology  

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