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Inventory and Data Requests

​​Previous cultural historic reports (CHS) can easily be obtained by conducting a search of our CHS catalog. Simply copy the information, paste it into an email and send to the Survey Coordinator, Matthew Yagle and the Data Coordinator​.

Survey forms are a quick reference tool serving as profiles of sites that have been assessed for eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Don’t know which survey forms you need? The public can obtain full site checks for a fee. A full site check will reveal what historic resources have been previously documented and their inventory resource number. Are you a non-professional who’s just curious about a historic building in your community? You don’t need a site check for that, just email the Survey Coordinator​ and we’ll help you out.

​Special Collections

The Kentucky Heritage Council (KHC) has a small collection of books, miscellaneous files and other documents relating to historic preservation issues and Kentucky heritage and history. Some of these items have been catalogued among our cultural historic survey reports and are labeled “Context Library. Cataloging the collection is a goal of KHC’s. While these resources are only available in hard copy, the public is welcome to make an appointment to peruse the collection and read material during their visit. Please email the Survey Coordinator to schedule an appointment.