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Inventory and Data Requests

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Digital Collections


The KHC E-Library (or​ electronic library) is a digital platform that provides access to a vast collection of information on Kentucky’s historic places. The E-Library contains documents like Survey Forms, Cultural Historic Reports, National Register Nominations, and other useful resources. These digitized documents are accessible online through the Box platform and allow users to access materials at any time.​​

Basic Users | The KHC E-Library offers easy access to a ​wide range of resources without requiring a login. While it does not include search capabilities, you can freely explore and view available content ​from anywhere.

Advanced Users | The KHC E-Library provides advanced features through a login, including search capabilities, the ability to set favorites, and create collections of documents. Ideal for consultants working on Section 106, National Register, or Tax Credit projects, this access is view-only. To request access, email and allow 2 business days for your request to be processed.

​​​​​​​​​ E-LIBRARY ​​​​​

​Need Help? Our Digital Collections User Guide​ [PDF, 777KB] will show you how to utilize these online resources.​

​​Cultural Resources Interactive Map 

 Screenshot from Cultural Resources Interactive Map showing map points around Kentucky that house cultural resources

Basic Users | The Kentucky Cultural Resources Web Map is perfect for those seeking basic information on a resource. It can be used to conduct Preliminary Site Checks for Section 106 reviews and Part 1 Tax Credit submissions.


Mapping/GIS Data Access ​​

Advanced User | The Site Check Web Service offers advanced search and reporting capabilities, ideal for conducting Section 106 Background Research (previously Full Site Checks). Please note - there are current issues exporting shapefiles when cemeteries are located within the area of interest.

​​​​​Site check web service​​

For GIS data integration, users can pull data as a GIS Service through the KHC Public GIS Web Service. 

​​​​​khc public gis web service​​

Need Help? Our Digital Collections User Guide​ [PDF, 777KB] will show you how to utilize these online resources.​​​

Special Collections

The Kentucky Heritage Council (KHC) has a small collection of books, miscellaneous files, and other documents relating to historic preservation issues and Kentucky heritage and history. Cataloging the collection is a goal of KHC’s. While these resources are only available in hard copy, the public is welcome to make an appointment to peruse the collection and read material during their visit. Please email the Survey Coordinator to schedule an appointment.

Some of these items have been cataloged among our cultural historic survey reports [Excel, 696KB] and are labeled “Context Library" - you can also access these files through the E-Library​

Digital Collections User Guide

E-Library Content Categories​​

Survey Forms​

Provide a broad and quick overview of a resource’s building materials, architectural description, and its history.

Cultural Historic Reports​

Cultural Historic Reports are primarily generated by Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firms under Section 106. These reports include project descriptions, summarized county histories, architectural descriptions, historic information, maps, etc. Additional reports include Context Studies and early county-wide surveys.

SHPO Transmittal Letters

​Transmittal letters (primarily created through Section 106 review) capture KHC’s official comments and responses. These serve as a useful tool in capturing the SHPO’s National Register eligibility designations. Letters are available from 2002 to the present. Earlier letters may be included with their associated Cultural Historic Reports; otherwise, they are no longer available due to a 20-year retention schedule.​

National Register Nominations​​​

These documents offer detailed information about a property’s significance, historical background, and criteria for consideration. Nominations included in the E-Library often contain more information than the official nomination and may include correspondence and drafts.​