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What follows is a draft outline for a clickable Table of Contents for Cultural Resource Management Consultants to use when working in Kentucky. This shows the formatting of our future guidelines. For the next year this will be a living document. You may still reference our 2017 Specifications for Conducting Fieldwork and Preparing Cultural Resource Assessment Reports. If you have questions, please email​

Useful Links / Documents


Definitions - Under Construction!

Acronyms - Under Construction! 

​​​​​All Cultural Resource Types

How to Submit Documentation for Review

Follow the link above to access the Section 106 form. Once you have completed the form and gathered the supplemental documents, email them as a pdf to our dedicated email address for distribution to your reviewer. 

Documents Required for Survey Consideration

  • Section 106 Cover Sheet with Supporting Documentation
  • Project Description
  • Map(s)
  • ​Photographs
  • Email address for Point(s) of Contact
  • Cover Letter or Email Requesting Concurrence with Finding/Determination

Documents Recommended for Survey Consideration

​​Archaeological Resources

Guidelines for Conducting Ar​chaeological Fieldwork

Archaeological Investigations (Phase I)
Archaeological Investigations (Phase II)
Archaeological Investigations (Phase III
Metal Detecting
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Light Detecting and Ranging (LiDAR)
Linear Resources
Rockshelters and Caves

Guidelines for Reporting on Archaeological Fieldwork

No Find Reports
Sites Recorded/Revisited
Linear Resources
Rockshelters and Caves
Management Summaries
Phase I Reports
Phase II Reports
Phase III Reports

​​​Above Ground​ Resources

Guidelines for Conducting Above Ground Fieldwork

Consult/Establish Area of Potential Effect
Conduct Full Records Search via KHC's Site Identification Portal
Survey Historic Age Resources 45+ years
Document Resources 45+ years
Complete/Update Inventory Form (s)

Linear resources


Request Resource Numbers
Generate Map of APE and resources
Take Digital Photographs            
Re-Evaluate Existing Information

Guidelines for Reporting on Above Ground Fieldwork

Addendum Reports
Survey Reports
Mitigation Products
              Public Outreach
              Social Media and Webpage Content
              State Level Documentation

Additional Steps for Above Ground Reporting
Compile Historic and Archival Information
Provide Analysis of Resource(s)
Apply National Register Criteria
Recommend National Register Boundaries (if applicable)

Contact with questions or concerns.

Email submissions to​​