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KY State Historic Preservation Plan

"A Map Made of Memory: Kentucky's State Historic Preservation Plan 2017-2021"

After exhaustive research and input from a variety of stakeholders, the Kentucky Heritage Council/State Historic Preservation Office (KHC) has completed the next five-year state historic preservation plan and is currently getting the word out to constituents. "A Map Made of Memory: Kentucky's State Historic Preservation Plan, 2017-2021" was authored by former Planning Coordinator Vicki Birenberg, AICP, and is intended to serve as a tool for use by individuals, nonprofits and local governments interested in applying the comprehensive strategies outlined in the plan to issues unique to each community. As a recipient of federal funds to administer historic preservation programs in Kentucky, including the National Register of Historic Places and federal rehab tax credit, KHC is required to submit the final plan to the National Park Service.

The plan was developed after receiving 1,754 survey responses from over 100 counties:

  • 83% of respondents indicated that historic downtowns and Main Streets were the most important resource types to preserve in their communities.
  • The four most widely identified challenges to historic preservation were lack of education about the benefits, costs of rehab, demolition by neglect, and lack of involvement by residents.
  • The most effective preservation tool was identified as federal and state historic rehab tax credits (chosen by over 70% of respondents). These programs are administered by KHC.
  • The greatest impact of historic preservation was identified as "maintaining identity and sense of place," although in the age 16-32 age group the top response was "renewing walkable neighborhoods."

About the Plan

As the primary state agency responsible for overseeing historic preservation activities throughout the Commonwealth, the Kentucky Heritage Council is required to develop and update a comprehensive statewide historic preservation plan every five years.  The Kentucky State Historic Preservation Plan describes a vision for historic preservation, addresses critical issues affecting our historic and cultural resources, and outlines future preservation actions.

Ensuring that Kentucky's unique historic places survive and remain in use requires the commitment of many Kentuckians.  Success depends on the work of local preservation commissions, elected officials, preservation professionals, government agencies, educators, and preservation organizations and individual advocates who, together, will be responsible for carrying out the historic preservation agenda outlined in the state plan.  By successfully combining policy, planning, and stewardship, we can preserve our past for future generations.

For Information

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The National Park Service offers various resources for local preservation planning: Historic Preservation Planning in Local Communities​ includes links to planning tips, tools and guidelines, and provides examples of local historic preservation plans across the country.

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