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Heritage Farms Program


​​​Celebrating Kentucky's Agricultural Heritage

Founded during the Kentucky Bicentennial celebration in 1992, the Kentucky Heritage Farm Program has been dedicated to preserving the rich history and legacy of our state's historic farms and ranches. With a deep-rooted commitment to recognizing the hard work and dedication of farming families, the program has continued to honor those who have passionately maintained their ancestral lands for generations.

The program's roots trace back to the Kentucky Legislature's passage of a pivotal law on July 15, 1982, titled “Kentucky Register of Heritage Farms" (Ky. Rev. Stat. 171.388​). To be eligible for recognition, a farm must meet the following criteria:

  • Comprise at least 40 acres of active farmland.
  • Have been owned and operated by the same family for a minimum of 100 years.
  • Feature a structure that is over 50 years old.

In addition to celebrating Centennial Farms, the Kentucky Heritage Farm Program proudly bestows the prestigious title of Bicentennial Farms upon those continuously owned and farmed by a single family for over two centuries.

You can view and search for recognized farms on the KY Heritage Farms Register.xlsx. ​

Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future

Certification under thisprogram is achieved through a thorough application process administered by the Kentucky Heritage Council / State Historic Preservation Office. Farms that meet the stringent criteria receive an official certificate signed by both the Governor and State Historic Preservation Officer. Additionally, they are honored with a distinguished Kentucky Historic Farm sign to proudly display on their property.

In recent years, with the decline of family farms, the program faced a temporary period of inactivity. However, in our relentless pursuit to safeguard the heritage of Kentucky families and the agricultural legacy of our beloved Commonwealth, we have reinvigorated the program. Working tirelessly to ensure all elements were in place, we are now thrilled to announce the relaunch of the Heritage Farms Program.

2024 Applications Now Open

If you believe your farm meets the criteria outlined, we encourage you to apply and become part of this prestigious community. Applications may be submitted any time through July 1, 2024. ​​To begin your journey to becoming a part of the Kentucky Heritage Farm Program, download the HeritageFarmInstructions.pdf and complete the Heritage Farm Application.pdf and  Survey Form. 

For additional information or any queries, please don't hesitate to contact our Survey Coordinator, Matt Yagle, at​.​