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2022-23 CLG Program Grants

​​9 Projects Awarded Certified Local Government Program 2022-23 Grant Funding

Jointly administered by the Kentucky Heritage Council/State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and the Nationals Parks Service, Kentucky’s Certified Local Government (CLG) program is a local, state, and federal partnership that promotes preservation planning and protection of prehistoric and historic resources at the local level. The program seeks to encourage and expand local involvement in historic preservation activities.  

The CLG program offers a way for local governments to develop a comprehensive approach to historic preservation and promote the integration of preservation interests into the planning process. CLG designation qualifies city and county-wide preservation commissions to qualify for grants made available through a federal Historic Preservation Fund. This is a pass-through grant for state historic preservation offices to assist their work in recognizing, protecting, and saving historic places.

Nine projects across seven communities were awarded CLG Program grants in the past fiscal year. These included a collaboration between the Boone County CLG and the Boone County Library in expanding the current National Register of Historic Places. Hands-on, educational, public projects such as the Annual Northern Kentucky Restoration Weekend (NKYRW) and the Covington Academy of Heritage Trades (CAHT) School. CLG Grant Program also helped support an economic impact analysis of historic preservation activities in Frankfort, as well as an updated Design Review Guidelines for the Historic Review Board in Bardstown. Grant funding also supported educational training sessions, such as: Pikeville’s Board and staff attendance at the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions FORUM Conference in Cincinnati, and a six-session Commission Assistance and Mentoring Program (CAMP) in La Grange. 

In all, nine projects in these communities shared grants totaling over $100,000 in the past fiscal year, with local matches of over $98,000 in funding and in-kind services. This means the total investment for local communities in their preservation efforts totaled nearly $200,000! Project descriptions below.

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Bardstown – Update Design Review Guidelines for Historic Review Board ($4,200 federal, $12,923.63 local match)
The City of Bardstown contracted a consultant to update several parts of their Design Review Guidelines. The updates included: the Introduction, Historic Architectural Styles and Types (which brought the guidance up to the 40-year mark to include Ranch, Minimal Traditions, and Split-levels, as well as detail on historic commercial buildings), and the Local Historic Districts that included the maps and a basic characterization of the district boundaries, significance, and styles and types within the district.  

Boone County – Revised National Register Nomination of the Dinsmore House to include African American Historic Context ($7,430 federal, $5,000 local match)
Boone County collaborated with Boone County Library in managing a contracted consultant to expand upon the current National Register of Historic Places nomination for the James Dinsmore Homestead to include documentation of significance (under Criterion A) for the extensive African American occupation of the site.

Covington – Instructors for the Covington Academy of Heritage Trades ($24,987 federal, $16,658 local match) 
Funds support the hiring of instructors to train students at the Covington Academy of Heritage Trades (CAHT).​ Covington is establishing CAHT to teach students the highly specialized skills needed to complete repairs and preservation activities on historic properties. The CAHT mission is two-fold: to provide an opportunity for individuals to learn a trade greatly needed in the northern Kentucky area to enable economic mobility, while preserving and protecting historic properties.

Covington – Supplies for the Covington Academy of Heritage Trades ($17,951.24 federal, $11,967.49 local match)
Grant funds support the purchasing of supplies that will be used as instruments of learning by students in a class offered by the Covington Academy of Heritage Trades (CAHT). The grant directly reduces tuition costs and help the academy train students. Furthermore, funds support supplies necessary for hands-on workshops teaching historic preservation trades.  

Covington – Consultant’s Fees for the Covington Academy of Heritage Trades ($9,000 federal, $16,682.43 local match)
The City of Covington retained a consultant who facilitated the logistics (coordinating workshop and trainer schedules, recruiting students, processing applications, and more) among other capacity assistance. Having a dedicated person focusing on these aspects of the Covington Academy of Heritage Trades (CAHT) is critical for student’s success and will help reduce workshop tuition costs. 

Frankfort – Economic Impact Study of Historic Preservation Activities in Frankfort ($24,999 federal, $20,001 local match)
The City of Frankfort conducted an economic impact analysis of historic preservation activities in Frankfort​. The study quantified the impacts of historic preservation and rehabilitation has on the local economy. Metrics considered total investment, jobs created, property values, and their impact on tax-base growth, and heritage tourism. The report provides concrete data for future decision making and historic preservation.
La Grange – Commission Assistance and Mentoring Program (CAMP) ($4,200 federal, $2,800 local match)
CAMP is offered through the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions (NAPC) and provides professional training geared to Architectural Board of Review members and the local CLG staff to improve the understanding of their duties and function of the local preservation program. The City of La Grange, after consulting with property owners in the historic districts and analyzing the most common questions from the public and elected government officials, was granted funding for a semi-public training on historic preservation.  The CAMP sessions had three core target audiences: property owners in the historic districts, elected government officials, and the La Grange Historic District Commissioners.  

Newport – Annual Northern Kentucky Restoration Weekend 2023 ($6,500 federal, $11,346.21 local match)
Funds supported the implementation of the 12th Annual Northern Kentucky Restoration Weekend (NKYRW)​. This is a multi-day, free event open to members of the public wishing to learn more about various topics relating to historic preservation. This funding will offset project management costs, printing expenses for event programs, event advertisement posters and postcards, postage, tablecloths and tables, and a meal at the AIA/AICP workshop

Pikeville – Board Attendance at the NAPC FORUM ($1,994.96 federal, $1,329.97 local match)
Grant funding supported the attendance to the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions FORUM 2022, held in Cincinnati. Board members and local staff attended educational programs and tours of historic properties. FORUM is the only national conference focused on the issues facing local historic preservation boards and commissions. The total project included registration fees, travel expenses, and hotel costs. 

​Previously Funded Projects 

​​Bellevue - Informational brochure for residents living within the local historic district

Hopkinsville - Educational brochures showcasing local architectural heritage and preservation incentives

Paducah - Northside Neighborhood survey and nomination to the National Register of Historic Places​ 

Covington and Bellevue - Funding to produce the annual Northern KY Restoration Weekend

Bardstown - Protect and Preserve Workshops focusing on various preservation-related topics​