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Request to Become a Consulting Party

For KYTC Projects

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and Kentucky Heritage Council have partnered to create an online portal that allows users to browse federally funded KYTC projects with a Section 106 component and request to participate as a consulting party in these projects.

Section 106 refers to a section of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) that requires federal agencies to identify citizens, preservation organizations or other interested parties who may be entitled to participate as consulting parties in the review process for projects utilizing federal funds that may have the potential to impact historic resources. This provision of the NHPA states, “Certain individuals and organizations with demonstrated interest in the undertaking may participate as consulting parties due to the nature of their legal or economic relation to the undertaking or affected properties, or their concern with the undertaking’s effects on historic properties.”

Archaeological sites, buildings and other structures are defined “historic” if they are listed in or determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, administered by the National Park Service. The National Register is the federal government’s official list of historic and archaeological resources deemed worthy of preservation.

"Consulting party" status entitles participants to receive information about these projects, and to consult with federal agencies and state partners throughout the Section 106 process over the duration of the project. This includes identifying historic properties that may be affected, providing input regarding effects the project may have, and on occasion, assisting in the development of appropriate mitigation measures to resolve any adverse effects.

Visit the Consulting Party Projects portal to review federally funded projects currently in development and request consulting party status.

According to  KHC Executive Director and State Historic Preservation Officer Craig Potts, “Online access to federal transportation projects is a huge step forward in making the Section 106 review process more transparent and accessible, reflecting our commitment to incorporate more people into the work we do, which is key to our mission and that of KYTC. We are one of only a handful of states who have made this information available online, and that puts Kentucky at the forefront of better serving our constituents.” 

For non-KYTC projects

The consulting party process is an opportunity to comment on all federally funded projects, not just highway projects. The method through which you become inovlved with a project changes depending on the agencies invovled. More information about the Section 106 review process is available from the national Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and in the publication “Protecting Historic Properties: A Citizens Guide to Section 106 Review.”

For Information:

Nicole Konkol​
Site Protection & Archaeology ​​Program Administrator
​(502) 892-3617​​