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Current Archaeological Research in Kentucky

​​Since 1983, the KHC staff has coordinated an annual archaeology conference, and from presentations have published research geared to professional archaeologists to highlight current research and exploration of Kentucky's archaeological resources. Presented as a series of professional publications, these papers cover a broad range of topics relating to Kentucky Archaeology.

Current Archaeological Research in Kentucky

Volume 1 (1987)

Volume 2 (1992)

Volume 3 (1995)


​Volume 4 (1996)

Volume​ 5 (1998)​​

​Volume 6 (2000)

​Volume 7 (2004)

Volume 8 (2007)

Volume 9 (2007)

Volume 10 (2019)

Thematic Journals

Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the Big Bottoms of Fulton County, KY (1990)

Woodland Period Research in KY (1985)

Mississippian Towns of the Western KY Border (1986)

Other KHC Journals

Paleoindian and Archaic Research in Kentucky (1988)

The Human Landscape in Kentucky's Past: Site Structure and Settlement Patterns (1991)

​New Deal-Era Archaeology and Current Research in Kentucky (1988)

​Chambers (15ML109): An Upland Mississippian Village in Western Kentucky (1987)

​Studies in Kentucky Archaeology (1991)

Late Prehistoric Research (1984)​

​​Historical Archaeology (1995)

​Archaeological Investigations at Waveland state shrine (1985)

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The Crick Cache (Site 15Cw96)Pamela A. SchenianVolume 1 
The Greene Mound Archaeological Project: Investigations of Off-Mound Activity at a Kentucky Adena SiteRichard W. JefferiesVolume 1Adena, Woodland
A Reevaluation of the WPA Excavation of the Robbins Mound in Boone County, KentuckyGeorge R. Milner, Richard W. JefferiesVolume 1 
Occupation at the Hansen Site Greenup County, KentuckySteven R. AhlerVolume 1 
Late Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the Big Bottoms of Fulton County, KentuckyPaul P. KreisaVolume 1Late Prehistoric
Six House-basin Structures: The Jonathan Creek Site and its Depositional HistoryLynne Mackin WolforthVolume 1 
Surface-Collected Lithics from the Adams SiteCharles B. StoutVolume 1 
The Muir Site: An Upland Fort Ancient Community in the Inner Bluegrass Region of KentuckyWilliam E. Sharp, Christopher A. TurnbowVolume 1Fort Ancient
Guilfoil: A Middle Fort Ancient Village in Fayette CountyHeidi FasslerVolume 1Fort Ancient
Preliminary Study of Mortuary Patterns at the Larkin Site, Bourbon County, KentuckyDavid Pollack, Mary Lucas Powell, and Audrey AdkinsVolume 1 
Fort Ancient Developments in Northeastern KentuckyA. Gwynn Henderson and Christopher A. TurnbowVolume 1Fort Ancient
East Meets West: Patterns in Kentucky Late Prehistoric SubsistenceJack Rossen and Richard EdgingVolume 1Late Prehistoric
Shell Mounds as Burial Mounds: A Revision of the Shell Mound ArchaicCheryl ClaassenVolume 2Archaic, Shell Mound Archaic, Mortuary Studies
The Grayson Site: Late Archaic and Late Woodland Occupations in the Little Sandy DrainageR. Jerald Ledbetter and Lisa D. O'SteenVolume 2Archaic, Woodland
Archaeological Investigation of the Kay Shelter in Breathitt County, KentuckyKurt H. Fiegel, Betty J. McGraw, and James L. HixonVolume 2 
Falls Plain: A Middle Woodland Ceramic Type from the Falls of the Ohio River RegionStephen T. MocasVolume 2Woodland, Ceramics, Falls of the Ohio
The Rogers Site Complex in Boone County, KentuckyJeannine KreinbrinkVolume 2 
The Yankeetown Occupation at the Foster Site in Daviess County, KentuckyTom SussenbachVolume 2 
Chronological and Spatial Perspectives on Ceramic Vessel form at Wickliffe Mounds (15BA4)Kit W. WeslerVolume 2 
Is The Stone Site Protohistoric?Kenneth C. CarstensVolume 2