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Since 1983, the KHC staff has coordinated an annual archaeology conference, and from presentations have published research geared to professional archaeologists to highlight current research and exploration of Kentucky's archaeological resources. Presented as a series of professional publications, these papers cover a broad range of topics relating to Kentucky Archaeology.

Current Archaeological Research in Kentucky

Volume 1 (1987)

Volume 2 (1992)

Volume 3 (1995)

​Volume 4 (1996)

Volume 5 (1998)

​Volume 6 (2000)

​Volume 7 (2004)

Volume 8 (2007)

Volume 9 (2007)

Volume 10 (2019)

Thematic Journals

Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the Big Bottoms of Fulton County, KY (1990)

Woodland Period Research in KY (1985)

Mississippian Towns of the Western KY Border (1986)

Other KHC Journals

Paleoindian and Archaic Research in Kentucky (1988)

The Human Landscape in Kentucky's Past: Site Structure and Settlement Patterns (1991)

​New Deal-Era Archaeology and Current Research in Kentucky (1988)

​Chambers (15ML109): An Upland Mississippian Village in Western Kentucky (1987)

​Studies in Kentucky Archaeology (1991)

Late Prehistoric Research (1984)​

​​Historical Archaeology (1995)

​Archaeological Investigations at Waveland state shrine (1985)

All Items
Carpenter Farm: A Middle Fort Ancient Community in Franklin County, KentuckyDavid Pollack and Charles D. HockensmithVolume 2Fort Ancient
The Florence Site Complex: Two Fourteenth Century Fort Ancient Communities in Harrison County, KentuckyWilliam E. Sharp and David PollackVolume 2Fort Ancient
Capitol View: A Early Madisonville Horizon Settlement in Franklin County, KentuckyA. Gwynn HendersonVolume 2 
Archaeological Contexts and Associations: The Lextran Archaeobotanical CollectionJack RossenVolume 2 
Early Paleoindians and Eastern U.S. Rockshelters: Findings and Implications of Test Excavations at Wolfe Shelter (15Cu21)Leon Lane, Dennis Stanford, Tom Dillehay, C. Vance Haynes, Carl Shields, and Michael FrenchVolume 3Paleoindian, Rockshelter
Analysis or the Human Skeletal Remains from the Railway Museum Site (15Jf630)Nancy A. Ross-StallingsVolume 3 
Botanical Contents of Paleofeces from Two Eastern Kentucky RocksheltersKristen J. GremillionVolume 3 
Fayette Thick Ceramic Chronology at the West Runway Site (15Be391), Boone County, KentuckyKen Duerksen, John F. Doershuk, Christopher A. Bergman, Teresa W. Tune, and Donald A. MillerVolume 3 
Kramer Projectile Points and Early Woodland Activity at the West Runway Site (15Be391), Boone County, KentuckyScott Wall, Keith A. Russell, Gary Perkins, Donald A. Miller, Larry R. Kimball, Mark Jacobs, Ken Duerksen, John F. Doershuk, Richard Adams, and Christopher A. BergmanVolume 3Woodland
The SARA Site (15Jf187): an Early Late Woodland Site in the Falls of the Ohio River RegionStephen T. MocasVolume 3Woodland, Falls of the Ohio
Excavation of a Prehistoric Feature at Big Bone Lick, Boone County, KentuckyDonald A. Miller and Ken DuerksenVolume 3 
Mississippian Secondary Centers along the Lower Ohio River Valley: An Overview of Some Sociopolitical ImplicationsPaul P. KreisaVolume 3 
Mound C and the Mississippian Decline: a View or Culture Preserved in Wickliffe's Mortality DataHugh B. MatternesVolume 3 
An Analysis of Mississippian Faunal Exploitation Patterns at Wickliffe MoundsPaul P. Kreisa and Jacqueline M. McDowellVolume 3 
Preliminary Assessment or Mississippian Settlement at the Croley-Evans Site (15Kx24), Knox County, KentuckyRichard W. JefferiesVolume 3 
Otto Sharp: A Protohistoric Site in the Reelfoot Basin, Lake County, TennesseeWilliam L. Lawrence and Robert C. Mainfort, Jr.Volume 3 
Archaeology at Locust Grove Plantation, Jefferson County, KentuckyAmy L. YoungVolume 3 
The Homesick Heart (a poem)Ralph D. BrownVolume 4 
Prehistoric Plant Use in the Eastern Mountains: A View from Cornett Woods Rockshelter, Letcher County, KentuckyCharles MidayVolume 4 
Late Woodland Utilization of the Rock Bridge Shelter in Wolfe County, KentuckyKristen J. GremillionVolume 4